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Accepting the Terms of Service

The main purpose of this website, FunZonic.com, is to offer a platform for web publishing services and therefore, all the Subscribers are asked and expected to read all the Terms of Service before they use the site or any service provided by the site. If you (the Subscriber) use any service o services of the website then it will be automatically implied that you agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract. However, if you do not approve of this document or any part of this document, you do not have a lawful right to use any service or services of the website. The Site and Services of the Site are accessed by you under following terms and conditions:

Services providing on the website may have a sole purpose of providing benefit only to the Subscriber, not to third party. Services shall include, but not be limited to, any services FunZonic team performs for the Subscriber and also, the presentation of Content. FunZonic Team reserves the right to discontinue Services or a specific part of a Service at any time before prior notice to the Subscribers. It may also work to limit a Subscriber’s access to the services or a specific service whenever, the FunZonic Team deems it necessary. FunZonic Team possesses the right to change the Terms of Service at any time with a notice to all the Subscribers through e-mail, whenever and whenever possible, or by publishing it on the website. The responsibility to become familiar either the modifications rests with the Subscribers and any activity by a Subscriber following any modification in Terms of Services will be taken as an acceptance of the revised Terms and Services from the Subscriber.

Subscriber agrees that it has the right to grant FunZonic Team and the Site the rights set forth above. Subscriber agrees that it will not share any content that (1) violates copyright or trademark of content, (2) discloses any secret that is legally protected unless Subscriber has the permission to do so, (3) breaks privacy or intellectual property rights of the content, (4) is defamatory, threatening, offensive, abusive or harassing or otherwise violates any third part law, (5)contains computer programming engine that is intended to create any damage to the Site, its Contents, system data or information. It includes but not limited to virus, Trojan horse, womb and time bomb, (6) remains on the Site until FunZonic Team notifies Subscriber that its content breaks Agreement. FunZonic Team has the right to suspend, held, cease or block any Subscriber’s account and/or remove Subscriber content or pursue any other remedial action without prior notice to the Subscriber.


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