Privacy Policy


FunZonic Team takes the private nature of your information very seriously.

This privacy policy is derived from the policy provided by which elaborates what we do with your information that we collect from our website when you visit it. Please read this privacy policy very carefully.

Website Visitors

FunZonic collects information that is of non-personal nature and is provided by web browsers when a visitor visits website. This information includes, but may not be limited to, language, type of browser, time of visit, information or data downloaded and referring site. The main purpose behind this information collection is to understand how visitors of FunZonic use the Site and its Services. FunZonic may also issue some statistics based on these non-personally identified information to show the trends how the Website is used by its visitors.

Any information collected by FunZonic is not used to identify its visitors or disclose their information or identity other than under the circumstances as described below.

Personal Information

Certain visitors, usually Subscribers, interact with FunZonic in a matter that the site needs to collect and make use of certain information. The amount and type of information depends upon the type of interaction like a visitor who sign ups for FunZonic Services is asked to give username and password. This information is only used to make possible certain Subscriber interactions with the Site. Subscriber may refuse to provide personal information to the Site at anytime however, it may also prevent the Subscriber from using certain Services of the Site.

Disclosure of Information

There are circumstances in which FunZonic discloses personally identified information such as to have it processed in order to make certain Services possible for Subscribers and general visitors and to people who have agreed not to disclose or spread it.

Users who are registered with FunZonic and have provided their email addresses to FunZonic may be sent occasional emails on their web addresses to help using Services, tell them about new features of the Site, keep them up-to-date o ask feedback. Any emails sent to FunZonic may be published in order to facilitate you or other users. FunZonic makes full efforts that are deemed reasonably necessary to secure its Subscribers from unauthorized access, use, modification or destruction of Subscriber’s related information.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our information-handling practices, please contact us by email.


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