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The Baab-I-Khyber

The idea of erecting a gate at the entrance of the historic Khyber pas struck Mr.G.A.Madani, SQA, CSP, when he first visited the Khyber pass on assumption of charge as commissioner, Peshawar division. he suggested to Mr.Sarfarz Khan. Political agent, Khyber agency the necessity of building a gateway to Khyber at Jamrud.

Mr.G.A.Madani also suggested the building of the much needed platform for visiting dignitaries and an informing, useful and authoritative history wall which should present in a nut shell, the historical background of the pass, the secrets of its magical charm and strategic importance.

Under the personal supervision of the commission and the political agent the local building contractors using only such building materials as are found in the Khyber hills completed the entire construction comprising the gate, the wall and platform within a short period of four months.


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